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Executive Summary Essay -- Economics

Official Summary - - The 2000 were a time of huge development, Australian is a prosperous country has profited by 9 years of continuous monetary development. Be that as it may, the worldwide visitor industry was experience the ill effects of the fear monger assaults on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in the USA on 11 September 2001. In general, the Australian worldwide visitor industry keeps on being solid due to the board blend of regular condition and cosmopolitan urban areas situated here, including cutting edge, stable worldwide political circumstance and monetary flourishing. So as to build Australian universal traveler industry, Sport what's more, Tourism of Australia’s Department of Industry, Science and Assets must build up a key intend to arrive at increasingly potential guests. With Australia one of a kind regular assets, its intrigue to additional Asian voyagers come to Australia. Over the previous decade, most guests originated from the UK, Europe and North America. Presently, Australia must start a few techniques to draw in more voyagers from Asia nations. This will give Australia the best chance to extend its travel industry. Presentation In spite of the fact that Australia has been blasting, the world economy has been in downturn for quite a while. In fact, Australian the travel industry is gradually declining has been far not exactly initially anticipated. Despite the fact that the Australian government endeavors to continue development in the economy without harming the regular habitat, however these improvement don't appear to be arriving at the explorers its need to impact. Accordingly, I am requested to sum up the marco natural issues influencing Australian The travel industry and propose extra techniques that the Sport and Tourism of Australia’s Department of Industry, Sc... ...ung singles, offer a lower cost during top season by adequacy of adverting efforts and advancement in creating increasingly Asian, including: Â · Australia and Singapore have built up a Joint Tourism Council that will intend to build universal appearances to both Australia and Singapore from key markets through a co-employable association between the Australian Tourist Commission and the Singapore Tourism Board. Â · Most key administrators selling Australia have created sites giving item data, exceptional arrangements, travel clubs and pamphlets and online enquiry reaction systems. Â · There are 10 significant wholesalers/retail specialists selling Australian bunch visit bundles, with broad branch office system of deals point area. These specialists are connected with the three significant bearers: Qantas, Cathy Pacific and Singapore Airlines.

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Midnights children salman rushdei Essay Example For Students

Midnights kids salman rushdei Essay 1. Remark on the author’s style and portrayal. Are the characters trustworthy or paper patterns? Funny or sad or both? Are their difficulties all inclusive to human instinct or specific to their circumstance? Rushdies storyteller, Saleem Sinai, is the Hindu youngster raised by rich Muslims. Close to the start of the novel, he educates us that he is falling apartliterally: I mean basically that I have started to split all over like an old jugthat my poor body, solitary, unattractive, rocked by an excessive amount of history, exposed to waste above and seepage underneath, damaged by entryways, brained by spittoons, has begun breaking into pieces. So, I am truly crumbling, gradually for the occasion, despite the fact that there are indications of a speeding up. Considering this tragic physical degeneration, Saleem has chosen to compose his biography, and, by chance, that of Indias, before he disintegrates into (roughly) 600 and thirty million particles of unknown, and essentially absent, dust. It appears that inside one hour of 12 PM on Indias autonomy day, 1,001 youngsters were conceived. Those kids were supplied with extraordinary forces: some can go through time, for instance; one can change sexual orientation. Saleems blessing is clairvoyance, and it is by means of this force he finds reality of his introduction to the world: that he is, actually, the result of the illegal coupling of an Indian mother and an English dad, and has usurped anothers place. His blessing likewise uncovers the characters of the various kids and the way that it is in his capacity to assemble them for a 12 PM parliament to spare the country. To do as such, be that as it may, would expose him to that other kid, initiated Shiva, who has grown up to be a brutish executioner. Saleems quandary happens against the setting of the primary long periods of autonomy: the segment of India and Pakistan, the power of The Widow Indira Gandhi, war, and, in the end, the burden of military law. 2. What is the most significant topic of the work? Spittoons show up all through Midnights Children. The theme of the spittoon permits the account to hover back on itself without losing its forward force; by reintroducing it in various settings, Rushdie incorporates significance with the picture and furnishes the peruser with a reference point and natural edge of understanding into the importance of his story. One specific spittoon, and unprecedented silver spittoon decorated with lapis lazuli, shows up toward the start of the story at the place of the Rani of Cooch Naheen, and follows the course of the account nearly until the end, where it is in the long run covered under the rubble of community reproduction by a piece of machinery. Rushdies character Saleem remarks on the noteworthiness of the spittoon at a few points in the novel, however spittoons and betel-nut biting (the Indian adaptation of BeechNut biting) take on more extensive and vaguer hugeness in different areas. The si lver spittoon turns into a connect to reality for Saleem. The accompanying citation happens when Parvati-the-Witch has dematerialized Saleem:What I clutched in that spooky existence: a silver spittoon. Which, changed such as myself by Parvati-murmured words, was in any case a token of the outside . . . grasping finely-created silver, which sparkled even in that anonymous dim, I endure. In spite of head-to-toe deadness, I was spared, maybe, by the gleams of my valuable gift. (p. 456)The after citation happens close to the finish of the book, at the occasion of the spittoons loss:I lost something different that day, other than my opportunity: pieces of machinery gulped a silver spittoon. Denied of the last item interfacing me to my progressively unmistakable, generally unquestionable past, I was taken to Benares to confront the results of my internal, 12 PM given life. (p. 515)These two citations show that the spittoon speaks to something very similar for Saleem that it accomplishes f or the peruser. It is a state of return, an exquisite however commonplace (all things considered, it is for spitting in!) token of reality in a world that takes steps to overpower with the sheer volume and assortment of its voices and encounters. Saleem is exposed to the voices of the thousand and one Midnights Children, that take steps to overwhelm his feeling of himself as an individual human, just as to the

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2011 Fall Transfer Update - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

2011 Fall Transfer Update - UGA Undergraduate Admissions 2011 Fall Transfer Update I am back from time at the beach, and ready to dive into more admissions issues! The first question that comes up on most phone calls and emails is When am I going to hear about my fall transfer decision? If you are about to send that email or call us with that question, stop for a moment. First, we have received right at 2,500 fall transfer applications, and are going through them as quickly as possible. Remember, it takes a while to go through each transfer file, and it is tough to predict how long it will take to review 100 files, much less 25 times that number. We are reviewing files for the most part based on the date they are complete (application and transcripts in), so some of the timeline depends on when you applied and sent in the transcripts. My timeline has always been mid-late February through mid-May for decisions, so just be patient as we go through the files. Right now, we are working on applications that were complete in late January/early February, but we are also putting some of the more challenging ones aside so we can focus on getting as many decisions out as possible right now. Your job as a transfer applicant is to make sure that all transcripts are in and updated (check the date to make sure we have all the grades in from your colleges), and that you listed all colleges that you have ever attended (if you forgot about the dual-enrollment work, get that transcript in ASAP!). We cannot make decisions until we have all transcripts in from all colleges. Then, be patient, as we are moving as fast as we can. If you really want to make a dent, sent kind notes, thank you cards, candy (sugar and caffeine help!) addressed to our evaluation team to cheer them on and motivate them, as they get exhausted right about this time of year. Go Dawgs!

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Examples of Covalent Bonds and Compounds

These are examples of covalent bonds and covalent compounds. Covalent compounds also are known as molecular compounds. Organic compounds, such as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids, are all examples of molecular compounds. You can recognize these compounds because they consist of nonmetals bonded to each other. PCl3 - phosphorus trichlorideCH3CH2OH - ethanolO3 - ozoneH2 - hydrogenH2O - waterHCl - hydrogen chlorideCH4 - methaneNH3 - ammoniaCO2 - carbon dioxide So, for example, you would not expect to find covalent bonds in a metal or alloy, such as silver, steel, or brass. You would find ionic rather than covalent bonds in a salt, such as sodium chloride. What Determines Whether a Covalent Bond Forms? Covalent bonds form when two nonmetallic atoms have the same or similar electronegativity values. So, if two identical nonmetals (e.g., two hydrogen atoms) bond together, they will form a pure covalent bond. When two dissimilar nonmetals form bonds (e.g., hydrogen and oxygen), they will form a covalent bond, but the electrons will spend more time closer to one type of atom than the other, producing a polar covalent bond.

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Marketing Plans for Schools

Many private institutions are finding that they need to engage in strong marketing tactics to thrive in todays increasingly competitive market. That means more schools than ever are developing marketing plans to guide them, and for schools who dont already have strong strategies in place, it can be overwhelming to get started. Here are some tips to help you get on the right track.   Why Do I Need a Marketing Plan? Marketing plans are the roadmap to success for your office. They keep you on track so you can navigate your way through the year, and ideally next several years, without getting side-tracked. It helps remind you, and your community, of your end goals and how you’re going to get there, reducing the number of detours along the way. This is especially important for your admission office in recruiting students and for your development office in building alumni relationships and soliciting donations.   These guides help you set a plan by streamlining what you do and why you’re doing it. The why is a crucial part of your marketing, as it explains the reasoning for your actions. Validating important decisions with this â€Å"why† component is important for gaining support for the plan and ensuring that you continue to move forward with positive progress.   It’s so easy to find great inspiration at any time. But, even the greatest of ideas can derail your progress if they dont align with the messaging, goals and themes that you have for the year. Your marketing plan is what helps you reason with individuals who get excited about new ideas and remind them of the clear plan that was agreed upon going into the year. However, it’s important to still keep track of this great inspiration for future projects and plans! What Should My Marketing Plan Look Like? Do a quick Google search for marketing plan examples  and you get around 12 million results. Try another search, this time for marketing plans for schools  and you will find about 30 million results. Good luck sorting through all of those! It can be daunting to even consider creating a marketing plan, especially if you’re not sure what to do. They can be time-consuming and confusing. Jump down a bit to see recommendations for a shorter version of a marketing plan, but first, a formal marketing plan tends to be outlined as follows: Executive SummaryThe MissionDifferentiators/Value PropositionInstitutional VisionTarget AudienceSituation AnalysisInstitution, Customer, Competitor, Collaborator, ClimateSWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) AnalysisMarketing SegmentationSegment 1: Descriptions, sales reports, goals and outcomes, product usage, resource requirements, outreach plan, pricingSegment 2: Descriptions, sales reports, goals and outcomes, product usage, resource requirements, outreach plan, pricingSelected Marketing Strategies (Action Items)Why these strategies were chosen, including product, price, place, promotion, and  how they will be completed. Discuss decision variables: brand, quality, scope, warranty, packaging, price, discounts, bundling, payment terms, distribution challenges, logistics, motivating the channel, advertising, PR, budget, projected results.Alternative Marketing StrategiesThe strategies you aren’t planning to use, but were consideredShort Long Term ProjectionsG oals outcomes: The immediate effects of the proposed strategies, expected long-term results, and special actions required to achieve them.Analysis Strategies (How will you assess success)AppendixCalculations and data used to support the information above, reports from previous yearsIndustry reports and marketplace projections Its exhausted just reading that. It’s a lot of work to complete all these steps, and it often feels like the more time you spend on a marketing plan, the less you use it. You might try to get around this by finding another plan to work off of, but surprisingly, you probably never can find one that fits your needs. Why is that?   That’s because no two companies are the same, no two schools are the same; they all have different goals and needs. That’s why  the same marketing plan structure will not work for every school or company. Every organization needs something that works best for them, whatever it may be. Some experts believe that a marketing plan doesn’t have to follow an exact template or structure. So, you might want to change your perception of a marketing plan: forget about what you think it should be, and think about what you need it to be. What you  DO NOT need  out of your marketing plan: A long, complex, formal plan that addresses every problem that has ever surfaced at your school.A document that takes so long to create that you never finish it.A document that is so complex that its not a useful tool.Analysis for the sake of analysis What you  DO need  out of your marketing plan: Specific and realistic problems to solve.Achievable goals.An easily executable roadmap.Potential challenges and solutions.A way to track success. How do you develop a marketing plan? The first thing is to determine the institutional goals that are tasked to the marketing department. You can pull from a strategic plan or a marketing analysis to give you guidance.   Lets say your school needs to Improve Marketplace Position. How would you do this? Chances are, youll want to ensure that you have cohesive branding and messaging, and make sure that the entire school is in support of that messaging. Then, you will create focused publications and digital presence in support of that branding and messaging. You might find a more specific goal of increasing annual fund dollars for the development office, which is one way that the marketing office can be called upon to assist. Using these institutional goals, you can outline the various projects, goals, and action items for each department. It looks something like this for a fundraising example: CLIENT: Development OfficePROJECT: Annual FundGOALS: (3-4 main objectives for the year)Increase participation overall (# of donors)Increase donations (dollars raised)Increase online donations (dollars raised via online giving forms)Reconnect with alumniACTION ITEMS: (2-4 marketing methods to achieve the goals)Create a branded annual fund marketing programOverall MessagingDigital Strategy: Email marketing, giving form improvements, and social media outreachPrint Strategy: annual appeals, postcards, brochuresTalking Points: language that development officers can use to promote continuity of messaging. Lets look at an admission example now: CLIENT: Admission OfficePROJECT: Recruiting - increase inquiriesGOALS:Improve online user experience (make things easier to find)Increase the  number of new qualified leadsGenerate a new, expanded target audience (long-range goal)ACTION ITEMS:Redesign WebsiteEmail marketing strategySEO campaignInbound marketing strategy   Developing these mini-outlines helps you prioritize your goals and objectives for the year. It helps you keep your focus on the things that you can realistically accomplish in a given time period, and, as you saw in the admission goals, look at those goals that need more time to complete but need to get started now. You might actually have seven or eight goals for each department, but youll never get anything accomplished if you try to tackle everything at once. Pick the two-to-four things that either need the most urgent attention or will have the greatest impact on your outcomes. Just make sure you can realistically address the items in your given timeframe, which is often one academic year. Making these priorities is also helpful when you get those requests for small projects from departments other than your top clients. It gives you validity when you say, we cant accommodate this project right now, and explain why. It doesnt mean everyone will be happy with your response, but it helps you make it possible for them to understand your reasoning.   How will you carry out your marketing plan? The next step is to start thinking about the tools you have at your disposal and how youll use them. Think about marketing like giving someone a gift. The gift is the outcome of the marketing strategy: achieving your goals is the gift.The box is the tools youll use to carry out your strategy: email, social media, print, etc.The wrapping paper and bow is the concept youll use: the message and design Annual Fund Marketing Plan Case Study This is where you get to start having some fun. Brainstorm some ideas for how to tell your story. Check out this article on the Annual Fund Marketing Program created at Cheshire Academy that we called, One Word. One Gift. The strategy involved reconnecting with alumni by asking them to pick one word to describe their Cheshire Academy experience and then make one gift to the annual fund in honor of that word. It was such a success that the program helped us not only reach our goals  but also exceed them. The One Word. One Gift.  program even won two awards: the silver award for Annual Giving Programs in the CASE Excellence Awards for District I and another silver award in the 2016 CASE Circle of Excellence for Annual Giving Programs. For each of your clients (as we outlined above), you want to clearly illustrate your timeline, concept, and tools that you will use. The more you can explain why youre doing what youre doing, the better. Lets look at what this might look like for the Academys Development Annual Fund project: CONCEPT:  This branded Annual Fund endeavor combines print marketing with email, digital, and social media marketing, as well as development outreach to reconnect with current and past constituents. Designed to engage constituents in a two-part interaction with the school, this endeavor asks donors to remember what they love about Cheshire Academy by choosing one word to represent their experiences and to then make one gift to the annual fund in honor of that word. A particular emphasis will be made on encouraging online donations. A lot of hard work goes into developing these plans, which are unique to each institution. Guidelines are awesome to share, but your details are yours. That said, let me share a little more of my details than most ... The first thing I do is make sure I understand the institutional goals tasked to marketingI also make sure that I clearly outline and understand the institutional goals related to marketing. Meaning, I may not be the department directly charged with these, but my team and I will support them and work closely with them.I make sure I know which departments and goals are the highest marketing priorities for the year. Its helpful to have support from your head of school and other departments to agree with these determinations of priorities. Ive seen some schools go so far as to have signed contracts with key stakeholders to guarantee adherence to the priorities and directions.Then I work to outline  my timeline, concept, and tools for each of my top department priorities. This is important to avoid scope creep, getting off track from your intended projects. This is your reality check when people start getting lots of great ideas that may not align with the overall strategies. Not every great idea can be used at once, and its ok to say no to even the most amazing idea; just make sure you save it for later use. This is where you break down what youre doing, when, and through which channels.  I always make sure that I clearly explain why Ive developed the timeline and concept. Heres a glimpse into the print marketing strategy for my annual fund.  Share the complementary efforts youre planning to do, also. Some of these marketing initiatives dont need to be spelled out step by step, but a quick explanation of why can go a long way.Share your indicators of success for the aspects of your project. We knew we would assess the Annual Fund using these four quantitative factors.  Evaluate your success. After the first year of our annual fund marketing program, we assessed what worked well and what did not. It helped us look at our work and celebrate the things we nailed and figure out how to improve in other areas.

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The Unusual Details Into Gre Awa Essay Samples That Many People Arent Aware Of

The Unusual Details Into Gre Awa Essay Samples That Many People Aren't Aware Of One of the absolute most important features about a compelling essay is its capacity to convince the reader by way of sound logical reasoning. Hemingway wrote his prose in a fashion that has come to be called the Iceberg Theory. The 30-Second Trick for Gre Awa Essay Samples You can readily find essay writing services that may write for you at cheap prices. Services where you are able to discover expert essay writer online are remarkably popular among the net. Yes, there are a number of excellent articles and sample 6. There are quite a lot of websites that can help you in evaluating your essays and also in supplying you with useful GRE sample essays. Just don't forget to save your essay into a distinct document on your computer so that you can return and read and score it afterwards. In the present edition, the computer software skips grammatical mistakes. There's no software to download. Though even the very best essay checker software can't match the truth of the official test, it's still a great way to understand where you stand. The Gre Awa Essay Samples Trap The last paragraph or conclusion is utilised to sum up, and modify the major idea. Most students believe that essay length the only important issue in regards to AWA scoring. AWA only tests how logically you are able to deduce information and compose a fair critique about a problem or an argument made by somebody else. There are a couple other vital explanations for why you shouldn't skip off AWA during practice, and we've discussed them separately. Things You Should Know About Gre Awa Essay Samples Since you may see, the longer the essay, the greater the grades. If you are thinking about why, it's because it isn't in any way easy to grade your essay instantaneously. The grader should see what you are attempting to say, by reading once. The essay graders know that you simply get 30 minutes to compose each AWA essay and in addition, they know that you won't have the ability to cover every potential argument, reason and rebuttal. You may see that many Issue Essay prompts make statements that are tough to completely support. In the issue essay, you will be supplied a topic that's debatable. PaperCoach can assist you with all your papers, so take a look at the moment! For more information concerning the different rubrics for the various essay tasks, read our articles about how to compose perfect-scoring GRE Issue and Argument essays. So, you should be sure there are at least 5-6 paragraphs in your essay, if you prefer a good score on the AWA. In an essay, you're expected to compose comprehensive passages on the presented topics. Discover steps you may take now to boost your AWA essay. It is a good idea to spend a couple of hours in preparation for your essay. The Battle Over Gre Awa Essay Samples and How to Win It Not only do you have to read through GRE sample essays, but you should also look for topics on which you are able to write GRE sample essays yourself and have them evaluated. Aspirants can make an application for the GRE testirrespective old and qualification. This facilty may also be availed by those people who are not students of our. Most students think about the GRE Essay as the absolute most stressful assignment ever, but it is not so difficult as it appears. Your GRE essay will be provided a score ranging from 06. A great deal of you may believe the GRE AWA section isn't really the main one as it doesn't have the very same weightage as verbal and math scores but that isn't true. So that it's big enough for the GRE. In reality, the GRE Essay scores can really be a fantastic boost to your profile. Summary Hiring an inexpensive essay service may be a suitable pick for students at one time crunch. The survey might have been 10 pages long, with 2 questions specializing in river sports. Just scanning through these 2 lists of essay topics will provide you with a great idea of the sorts of issues and arguments that appear on test day. Also a reminder that you may work with me if you're searching for issue essay feedback.

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Customer Satisfaction and Need Samples †

Question: Discuss about theCustomer Satisfaction and Need. Answer: The procedures that need to be followed by SR food and beverage include maintaining regular contact with the customers. This can be done by developing customer management service (Blut et al. 2015). In order to match the need of the customers, questions regarding preference of the type of food and drinks can be asked. Apart from this, the preferred ambience of dining and the mode of dining can also be included in the survey. SR food and beverage can help customers to evaluate the products and services by providing them with samples of their food before taking orders from them. They can prioritise the preferences of the customers by maintaining contact with them on a regular basis SR food and beverage need to provide information about the type of food they serve along with the quality of ingredients used for making the food. Agreement with customers can be reached by constantly exchanging feedback and responses with one another (Fraering and Minor 2013). This can help in maintaining the loyalty of the customers. The agreement needs to be done by maintaining the demands of the customers from the feedback. SR food and beverage need to comply with the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Amendment Act 2010. The use of illegal products for the preparation of food and unfair means of employment need to be avoided by the company to gain success and satisfy customers. The difficulty in delivering services to the customers can be rectified by introducing mobile applications for ordering the products. References Blut, M., Frennea, C.M., Mittal, V. and Mothersbaugh, D.L., 2015. How procedural, financial and relational switching costs affect customer satisfaction, repurchase intentions, and repurchase behavior: A meta-analysis.International Journal of Research in Marketing,32(2), pp.226-229. Fraering, M. and Minor, M., 2013. Beyond loyalty: customer satisfaction, loyalty, and fortitude.Journal of Services Marketing,27(4), pp.334-344.